Self-care is a vital part of maintaining a healthy balance in your life. In today’s world we are expected to constantly be working and prioritizing our jobs and responsibilities that we often neglect ourselves and fall behind on things that we enjoy or that make us happy. It is of very high importance to engage in self-care often because when we don’t prioritize our physical or mental health it can have long-lasting negative effects on our minds and bodies. You may be neglecting yourself if you often find yourself worried, anxious, overwhelmed, tired, or sick. Self-care practices are great strategies to practice combatting stress or fatigue as well as taking time for yourself to realign yourself in a way that enhances your productivity. Self-care can take many forms and there is no right or wrong way to do it. It entirely depends on the type of person you are and where your interests lie. There are countless resources online that will provide you with a self-care framework. Bele Fit focuses on the need to incorporate movement and exercise into your daily routine to maximize productivity. Studies have shown that physical movement and exercise can have several benefits pertaining to both the mind and body. Exercise is known to improve one’s mood and boost their energy. It also allows one to sleep better at night as the body has been worked in a way where it will prioritize rest. If you are struggling to find out what kind of self-care routine works best for you, try using the Bele Fit self-care guide to get you started on your summer self-care journey.

Bele Fit self-care guide.

  1. Wake up early and take some time to do some journaling or some slow movement to get your mind ready for the day ahead. Morning yoga can be very beneficial to get into the right headspace to maximize productivity and boost your mood for the day. The Bele Fit fitckicks are perfect to use during your yoga practices as it provides the right amount of grip and comfort. 
  2. Taking a walk during your study or work breaks can help boost both your mood and productivity by witnessing the pretty sights and being in fresh air. Now that summer has approached us, walking in the sun can provide us with a good dose of Vitamin D while giving us time to clear our headspace and have some time alone. By using the Bele fit phone accessories, walking in style has never been easier as it gives you a stylish pouch to hold your phone without worrying about holding it or having it fall out of your pocket.
  3. Engaging in a workout throughout your week can boost your mood, help dissolve aggression and frustration, and give you time to focus on yourself and your fitness goals. Bele Fit offers a wide range of microfiber towels to use during your workout in many colours and patterns as well as the Fitkicks arm bands to keep your phone on your person while you work out so that you can listen to your favourite music or track your personal goals. 
  4. Being out in nature and appreciating the world for what it is can be positive way to appreciate life and see the beauty in everything around you. Being in an office all day and constantly looking at screens can take your mind away from how much beauty the world has to offer. Taking a hike can be a lovely and productive way to engage with nature and can be done effectively by using the Bele Fit fitkicks as well as the caps to make sure you take care of your skin while in the sun as well as protecting your eyes from sunrays. 

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