“My tekkies are falling apart!” “My slops have been dismembered!” “My boots are talking back to me with their semi-attached heel!”

Tried to do an activity with your everyday shoes that they just were not built for? Yup. Been there, done that, got the disapproving look from mom. However, we learn from our mistakes, and the solution is simple: Fitkicks.

Presenting: ‘Fitkicks’

Maybe you’ve heard of them before, maybe not, but what we do know is that these babies are about to change your life forever. This minimal footwear is perfect for everyone. Are you like my mom, who has to wear slops just to walk to the bathroom? Or are you like me, who would go to a job interview barefoot if it was socially acceptable? Either way, Fitkicks are so light, you’ll forget you have shoes on. The upper part of the shoe is 100% spandex with a microfiber/PU reinforcing patch on the toes, and the soles are PVC with BK mesh, with the inner sole comprising of EVA. The rest is a combination of polyester, elastic, and nylon. But are you ready for the best part: they’re 100% VEGAN! 

Wear them here, wear them there. You can wear them anywhere!

Heading to the beach for a quick body boarding sesh? Keen to challenge your mates to a little game of ‘hold onto your tube’ at Valley of the Waves? Or heck, maybe your inner child has a hankering to go splash in some puddles out in the rain? Whatever your heart desires, come rain or shine, Fitkicks will be there for you. They are designed to withstand any wet conditions, but the best part is that they dry off super quickly, so you can get back to whatever you were doing within two shakes of a dog’s tail. 

Speaking of our furry friends, are you a dog owner? Well, Fitkicks have also been known to be the ideal accessory for walking your fur babies. They’re both comfortable and sturdy. Oh, and when your best bud decides that his next endeavor is to roll around in the mud, taking you in with him, then you can at least rest assured that Fitkicks will hold your hand (well, your feet rather) through the entire experience. Stressing about your mud-soaked kicks? Worry not, as Fitkicks can simply be machine-washed on cool with similar colours and air-dried afterwards. You’ll be back outside soaking up some Vitamin D in no time!

Now, are you one of those outdoorsy, adventure-seeking, adrenaline junkie types? Would you consider Lion’s Head or Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve your second homes? Well luckily for you, Fitkicks can also be your new favourite hiking companion. Not only do they have proper grip, but they also protect your feet from any obstacles on your path. Who needs heavy, expensive hiking boots when you can feel like you’re floating on air through South Africa’s majestic collection of gorgeous hiking trails. Additionally, if you love fitness, but aren’t necessarily a fan of the great outdoors, these are the perfect yoga accessory, the ideal Pilates partner and would be ideal when taking part in this year’s new fitness craze, rebounding.

Now we know what the rest of you are thinking: what if I’m the opposite of what you’ve described above? What if I’m an introverted bookworm who spends my days nestled into my fatsak, only leaving the room for essential reinforcements (aka snacks)? Umm have you heard of Kozikicks slippers? Well, if you haven’t, then you best check ‘em out. They are everything you need and more when it comes to warmth and comfort, and so they’re the ideal Lockdown accessory.

Fitkicks are also available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes, so everyone can get involved in the fun.

I think Fitkicks’s versatility has been emphasized pretty clearly. Whether you’re a beach bum, or have a green thumb, a fitness freak or a cuddled-up geek, Fitkicks has an option for everyone. They’re comfy, they’re light, and best of all, they’re dang affordable. 

What are you still doing here? Grab ‘em while they’re hot. 

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