Finding A Workout That Works For You

In a world that has many different people, it is to be assumed that not everyone will enjoy the same thing. This goes for everything in life but can be specifically applied to exercise and training. Someone who enjoys High Intensity Training may not enjoy the slow movement yoga has to offer and someone who enjoys Pilates may not enjoy something as intense as Crossfit. Different folks like different strokes and that is why it is so important to figure out what workout regime works for you, your body, and your interests so that you can maximize the benefits and see the results you want to see. 


Finding a workout regime that works for you takes a lot of contemplation and, sometimes, a lot of trial and error. Different workout regimes focus on different ways of applying techniques to achieve desired goals. The Bele Fit Fitkick range allows one to use our products for whatever workout is best suited for you. The Fitkicks range is available in men’s sizes as well as women’s sizes and has a multitude of different colours for aesthetic purposes. Fitkicks can withstand wet conditions so if you’re a runner and going for a jog is your desired way to exercise, you need not worry about the quality of your Fitkicks deteriorating. 


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a type of exercise that does what any other exercise does but in a shorter amount of time. If you are someone who is set on burning calories, building up your muscle mass or losing weight – HIIT is for you. HIIT has many benefits such as lowering your body fat, blood pressure and heart rate. HIIT doesn’t need equipment and can be done from wherever you feel comfortable. It is a challenging type of workout the benefits outweigh the challenges. The Fitkicks range can assist you in your HIIT workout as they provide a sturdy grip, can get wet and dry relatively quickly and are available in colours and sizes to suit your personality and style. (insert fitkicks link)


Barre training is a type of exercise that uses the barre found in ballet studios and is focused on strengthening and toning one’s muscles as well as improving one’s flexibility and posture. This form of exercise focuses on building strength by using traditional movement found in ballet. While one may think, due to the presence of a barre, that barre training is easy it most certainly is not! It is challenging and pushes you beyond your limits but is a great way to increase your muscle mass without bulking. Like most exercise, barre also challenges you mentally but is equally as fun as it is done in a class. Bele Fit offers ‘dance socks’ that will allow you to engage with your barre class by having a comfortable platform that is designed specifically for dancing and being at the barre while being stylish and sturdy. (insert piper dance sock) and (marble grip strap ballet blue)


Yoga is a type of exercise that strengthens your core muscles, increases your balance and flexibility as well as assists in helping one sleep better and manage stress. Yoga is often seen as an ‘easy’ exercise because many people think it is merely glorified stretching but is so much more than that. It focuses a lot on mental toughness as well as physical toughness. You definitely push yourself beyond your limits but also focus on relaxation. Bele Fit offers shoes and socks that one can wear during yoga practices that have sturdy grip so you can properly focus on your form without slipping as well as having them in a slim fit rather than a bulky shoe. They are also available in many different styles and colours to suit your style and personality. (insert link)


These are only a few exercises out of the many that you can join and try out. These workouts focus on building physical and mental strength but are done in different ways to suit your wants and needs and how you’d like to exercise and at whatever pace you are comfortable with. Bele Fit offers a wide range of shoes that can be used in whatever type of exercise you choose to engage in, which is why you should choose Belle Fit to be by your side through your fitness journey. 

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