Fitkicks shoes are a great, barefoot-feeling shoe for the whole family, but today we are focusing on the husbands out there in honor of National Husband Appreciation Day today, April 17th. Read on to learn more!


A great husband is someone to be treasured, so why not let your husband know

Fit Kicks Barefoot Shoes for Men

how much he means to you today, on National Husband Appreciation Day? You surely appreciate him every day (or at least 90% of the time), but a gentle prompt to remind him of your appreciation never hurts. Does your spouse enjoy a good day reading, or watching a favorite team or movie? Fitkicks make great around the house shoes, comfortable and convenient! If the hubs prefers being outdoors – in the water, gardening, walking – Fitkicks are the perfect choice there too. Wear these lightweight, flexible shoes in and out of water, then for a refresh just toss them in the washing machine on cold and air dry. So whatever it is he loves to do, get him some Fitkicks shoes to wear and he will love it even more!



Fitkicks shoes are an excellent choice for just about everyone, but we get much of our positive feedback from guys! Folks in more casual work environments

Grey Fit Kicks Shoes for Men Gray

love wearing Fitkicks because they feel comfortable and barefoot without breaking dress code. Just check out the best seller, Men’s All Black– they would have to take a good, hard look to see those are not traditional shoes! Many men with wider feet enjoy the Fitkicks shoes for the adaptability of the spandex upper, which is far less confining than regular shoes. Pro tip: Men’s Small and Women’s X-Large are the same length, so if you have a man in your life with smaller feet the Women’s Large might be the perfect fit (and it still comes in All Black).


While sadly we cannot teleport these great Fitkicks shoes directly to your hands be given to your husband today, ordering today will be like the next best thing. We ship most orders within 1 business day, so they will arrive at your place ASAP!


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